Welcome to the final Virtual Exhibition on the proposals for Peninsula Gardens – the redevelopment of Millennium Retail Park.

London Square are preparing to submit a full planning application to the Royal Borough of Greenwich to deliver a vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood at the gateway to the Greenwich Peninsula.

Over the past year, we’ve engaged with local residents and stakeholders as we’ve developed our vision for the site – we are grateful for all the feedback received. We are aiming to submit a full planning application to the Council in early 2022.

The site

Computer generated view from Greenwich Millennium Village looking south across Bugsby’s Way, showing the new crossing.

The 5.3-hectare site includes the B&Q store and adjoining car park. The IKEA, the Odeon and its adjoining leisure uses neighbour the site – but these are not included in our proposals.

Significant regeneration is already underway across the Greenwich Peninsula to deliver new homes, commercial and retail space. This includes the ongoing development of Greenwich Millennium Village (‘GMV’) – which lies to the north of the site.

The site enjoys good connections in terms of public transport– including frequent buses to North Greenwich Underground Station (Jubilee Line) in the north and Westcombe Park Station (Thameslink/Southeastern) in the south. Both stations are within 20-25 minutes’ walking distance.

The site sits between North Greenwich and Charlton, both of which are experiencing significant redevelopment in accordance with their adopted masterplans. The site itself is not subject to an existing site allocation or wider masterplan but is located within the Greenwich Peninsula Opportunity Area and is therefore a strategic location where the Council and the GLA want to see new homes and employment opportunities.

Site location plan

Our Proposals

Our proposals

Computer generated view of the new public square

1,290 new homes in a range of sizes – including 35% affordable housing (by habitable room) and including 323 homes at London Affordable Rent.

Circa 2,500 sqm of flexible commercial space that will benefit residents and create up to 165 additional full-time equivalent jobs.

Over 4,500 sqm of new public amenity space, including a new central square that will be a hub for the area.

We are proposing to introduce a new ‘community exchange pavilion’ acting as a focal point for the central square, with the potential to host cultural and community uses.

Improve connections through the site and around the wider neighbourhood, including a new crossing on Bugsby's Way connecting to Greenwich Millennium Village.

Extensive new urban greenery and habitats for wildlife, including over 200 new trees.

Retention of c. 660 retail car parking spaces, meeting the needs of IKEA and Odeon customers.

Consultation to date


Consultation to date

In Spring 2021, we invited local residents and stakeholders to share their ideas and feedback on the early vision for the site. We followed this with a survey on potential non-residential uses.

The feedback from these informed the ongoing design approach and in Summer 2021 we held a second round of public consultation, updating the community on our progress.

We were pleased as part of this second consultation to hold in-person events and to discuss the proposals with local people face-to-face during this second round of consultation, following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

Your ideas for new non-residential uses on the site.

Your feedback

Key themes raised throughout the consultation process to date have included:

  • Strong support for new urban greening and biodiversity measures
  • Support for sustainability measures and high environmental standards
  • Support for new public spaces and the public square
  • Consistent feedback on the types of new uses needed locally including restaurants, gyms and local shops.
  • Questions regarding height and density, which has reduced during the design process.
  • Questions regarding the impact on local services and infrastructure
  • Questions regarding impacts on local traffic public transport

For more information on the activities undertaken and feedback received during the previous consultations, please see below links to the feedback summaries prepared for each of these:

Design approach

Our Proposals

Design approach

Height and massing

The design approach in terms of height and massing has carefully considered the local context and evolved in response to feedback from local stakeholders and the Council.

Proposed buildings range in height from 4-20 storeys, with taller buildings concentrated in the centre of the site around the new public square and lower heights to the north and south of the site, reflecting the context of Greenwich Millennium Village and Westcombe Park.

No concerns have been raised by Historic England and the World Heritage Site Executive and the scheme does not impact key strategic views. The site is also identified as suitable for tall buildings in Greenwich’s Local Plan.

In context, Peninsula Gardens would be lower density and height than the majority of the development on the Greenwich peninsula while delivering a higher proportion of affordable housing (35%).

In response to feedback, the number of proposed new homes has reduced from 1,400 to 1,290 in response to feedback while keeping our promise to deliver at least 35% affordable housing. Heights have been adjusted to reduce the impact on local views. Further reductions would directly impact the ability to deliver the current policy compliant level of affordable housing and deliver other public benefits.

Computer generated view at dusk.

Local influences

Our design approach has been inspired by the local landscape and neighbouring buildings in Greenwich Millennium Village and Westcombe Park and our designs aim to complement the existing and emerging local character.

The site has also been divided into three broad and overlapping ‘Character Areas’ to provide a unique sense of place, and this has informed the design approach for the buildings in these areas.

The main building material will be brick – in a variety of tones inspired by the local context. This will include paler bricks on the taller buildings around the public square, and buff and red brick on the lower rise apartments.

Different materials and brick detailing will also be used to compliment the brick while adding variety to the facades. The roofscape has also been varied with a mixture of flat and pitched roofs. The design of windows and building façades will also aim to maximise energy efficiency and sustainability.

Character areas and façade design made up of warm red, buff and pale tone brick inspired by the local context.

New homes

Consultation to date

New homes

The proposals will deliver 1,290 new homes, including family-sized housing. This would make a significant contribution to meeting Greenwich’s housing need. The London Plan targets the delivery of 28,240 new homes in the Borough by 2028/29.

Our plans will include 35% affordable housing (by unit and habitable room), with a 70% - 30% tenure split between London Affordable Rent (broadly equivalent to social rent) and Shared Ownership. This is in line with the policy of Greenwich Council and the GLA.

The proposals meets or exceeds all relevant standards for new homes.

All homes will meet the London Plan standards in terms of size, performance and fire safety and will have balconies and access to outdoor space. Play space will be provided for children of all ages, with the full requirement delivered on site – including playspace which will be publicly accessible.

60% of homes will be dual aspect (with windows facing in two different directions) and there will be no single aspect homes facing north or towards the A102, Bugsby’s Way or Peartree Way.

Computer generated view of the public podium gardens with play space and the acoustic shield in the background.

Ground floor uses

Design approach

Ground floor uses

Computer generated view of Peninsula Way, with new ground floor uses lining the street while retaining the bus and cycle route.

New non-residential uses will be provided, based on your feedback on local needs. This will be predominantly located around the new public square and facing the existing IKEA.

The scheme has been designed to directly respond to local needs and what residents say is missing from the neighbourhood

Potential uses include:

  • Convenience store or small supermarket
  • Gym/fitness studio
  • Restaurants, bars and cafés
  • Workshop or creative workspace
  • Overall, c.2,500 sqm of flexible (Class E) floorspace will be provided in a mix of units. This is estimated to generate a net increase of 165 jobs (FTE) jobs.

We want Peninsula Gardens to be a thriving new neighbourhood, not a dormitory. A vibrant mix of retail and leisure spaces will be key to this, and benefit existing residents in the wider area.

Elevation along Peninsula Way showing access to car park, new commercial space and access to public podium gardens.

Public spaces

New homes

Public spaces

CGIs showing public square and neighbourhood streets

Peninsula Gardens will create a range of generous public areas, with over 4,500 sqm of public amenity space including:

  • A large public square which will act as hub for the local community – this has been designed to host local events, outdoor film screenings or a local market.
  • A ‘Ribbon’ of playful/artistic elements running through the new public square and new neighbourhood streets. We would like to work with local artists to include public art at key locations.
  • Neighbourhood streets with extensive planting and publicly accessible playspace.
  • Podium gardens providing soft landscaping and areas for play. Two of these will be publicly accessible and include play and sports facilities.

Computer generated view from Greenwich Millienium Village looking south across Bugsby Way, showing the new crossing.

Have your say – a new pavilion

Ground floor uses

Have your say – a new pavilion

CGI of new pavilion “Indicative design of a new pavilion in the square.”

We are proposing to introduce a ‘community exchange pavilion’ acting as a striking focal point for the central square, with the potential to host cultural and community uses and activate this public space.

Overall the design of the public square has been informed by your feedback, including activities with children from Millennium Primary School about what they would like to see in our new square.

The pavilion is designed to be a place for community exchange that will have a dynamic programme that expands on cultural partnerships which already exists in the Borough.

The proposed design shown is an early concept using recycled component of the B&Q retail shed to construct a highly sustainable structure. Over the coming months we want to work with local residents, artists and designers to develop this concept further.

The space could have multiple functions, and we’d love to know what you think of our early ideas:

  • Community space – meeting and event space available to local residents and groups.
  • Community café – a welcoming café for meeting friends and neighbours in the area.
  • Gallery and cultural space – Opportunities for local artists, makers and performers to display their creativity.
  • Community exchange – a lending library of ‘things’ such a tools and appliances for residents.
  • Mobility Hub – providing a central point for public and sustainable transport options such as e-bike hire.

Precedent imagery for potential civic/community uses.

Sustainability and biodiversity

Public spaces

Sustainability and biodiversity

Residential courtyard gardens have a quieter, more domestic character.

Our vision has been to create a new, vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood that promotes residents’ health and wellbeing and connection to nature.

Consequently, the development has been designed with sustainability, energy-efficiency and biodiversity in mind, with extensive new urban greenery and habitats for wildlife, including:

  • Extensive greening and planting across the site, including on rooftops wherever feasible.
  • Approximately 200 additional trees, including micro forests and refuges for wildlife.
  • A green buffer blocking noise and air pollution from A102, made up of a ‘green threshold’ of trees planted around the wider site and an acoustic shield incorporated to the southern façade.
  • No fossil fuels on site with solar panels on rooftops and heating via air source heat pumps.
  • Buildings to be energy efficient and maximise passive ventilation measures.
  • Whole Life Carbon Assessment to minimise carbon emissions over the lifetime of the development.
  • Car-free residential development in a location with ‘very good’ (PTAL 5) public transport accessibility and extensive provision of secure cycle storage.
  • Net reduction of circa 400 commercial parking spaces to circa 660 spaces (c.40% reduction) which meets peak demand for IKEA but disincentivises car use.

Urban Greening Factor

The Urban Greening Factor (UGF) is a tool that evaluates and quantifies the amount and quality of urban greening that a scheme provides to inform decisions about appropriate levels of greening in new developments. The London Plan sets a challenging target score of 0.41 for residential led developments.

Peninsula Gardens meets that target of 0.4, compared to a site today which is largely barren sealed asphalt and retail shed buildings.

Transport and connections

Have your say – a new pavilion

Transport and connections

Map showing proposed connections, bus routes and amenities in the local area.

We have sought to enhance connections and crossings in the local area. The proposals for Peninsula Gardens seek to deliver:

  • A new pedestrian crossing over Bugsby's Way, to align with the new Streets in Greenwich Millennium Village.
  • A car-free residential neighbourhood, with accessible parking spaces as required by policy.
  • Secure cycle parking for residents and visitors to the high London Plan standards.
  • Future residents will not be able to apply for parking permits in surrounding CPZs.
  • A reduction in retail car parking that meets the peak demand of IKEA while balancing the goal of making travel more sustainable.
  • A phased construction to ensure adequate retail parking maintained throughout the build process.

Many local residents expressed concerns about the capacity of the public transport network to accommodate new residents. It is not directly in our power to address this.

However, around £16 million of contributions (through Community Infrastructure Levy and S106 ‘planning gain’) will be provided which can be used by the Council and GLA to improve connections, bus routes or other local infrastructure such as schools or medical facilities.

Next steps

Sustainability and biodiversity

Next steps

Computer generated view of the new public square at the heart of the proposals

Thank you for taking the time to read about our proposals for Peninsula Gardens. We appreciate your feedback as we prepare to submit a planning application to the Council.

Please sign up to the mailing list via the website – or by contacting us at – in order to receive the latest updates on the project.

Early 2022

Submission of planning application

Summer 2022

Target decision date by the Royal Borough of Greenwich


Start on-site


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