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Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions on the proposals for Millennium Retail Park.

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The site is well connected locally by sustainable transport options – including frequent buses to North Greenwich to access the Jubilee Line – and is located within a rapidly developing area. With Greenwich Millennium Village to the north of the site, this area can be regenerated to connect the two areas via new cycle and pedestrian paths, providing further new homes in the area to create a greater sense of community.

The site itself is not subject to an existing site allocation or wider masterplan but is located within the Greenwich Peninsula Opportunity Area and is therefore a strategic location where the Council and the GLA want to see new homes and employment opportunities. The redevelopment of an underutilised car park for a mix of uses is also supported in planning policy.

The proposed buildings will range in height from 4 storeys to a maximum of 20 storeys. This will include a cluster of taller buildings within the centre of the site surrounding the public square and lower rise buildings to the edge to complement the heights of the existing neighbours. For more details on the proposed building heights, please visit the ‘Design’ page of the Virtual Exhibition.

We are aware of the challenges presented by the noise and pollution from the Blackwall Tunnel Approach.

In response to this challenge, we have introduced the concept of a green shield running along the entire southern edge of the site. This will consist of a mix of trees and planting, live wall and the building mass itself, which will help protect residents and visitors to the site from the pollution and noise from the Blackwall Tunnel Approach.

A specialist noise and air quality consultant is also working on the project to help ensure that any apartments facing the Blackwall Tunnel Approach are designed to deliver a high quality of accommodation.

  • The proposals will deliver c. 1,300 new homes, including 35%affordable housing. The affordable housing will comprise 70% affordable rent and 30% shared ownership. This offer complies with both Greenwich and the GLA’s policy requirements.

The proposals will provide 3,000-4,000 sqm of new commercial space – such as shops, cafés, restaurants and a gym – that will benefit residents and create new employment opportunities for local people.

We received over 100responses from local people to our survey on ground floor uses, which indicated support for a variety of non-residential uses including a supermarket/grocery offer; healthcare services; and indoor exercise space.

B&Q’s lease on the site is due to expire. Discussions are ongoing as to whether there is scope to include a smaller hardware store in the proposed development. Notwithstanding this, there is another B&Q store a short drive from Greenwich, in Sydenham.

Yes, the Ikea store will remain open throughout the construction of the proposals. We are working to agree a temporary parking solution with Ikea for the construction period.

Yes, the parking for the Ikea store will be re-provided and the design of a new car park is being discussed with Ikea. We are still exploring the options around the parking, but at the moment we envisage that it will be at ground floor level on the southern part of the site under a landscaped podium level and the proposed apartment blocks.

The new retail car park will be ‘future-proofed’, designed so as to be easily adapted to other uses as and when demand for vehicle parking falls in the future.

We do not envisage the proposals increasing traffic in the area. However, we will keep you updated on this as the project develops. A full Transport Assessment setting out anticipated impacts will be submitted as part of the planning application.

It is the aspiration of Greenwich Council that all developments in the Borough moving forward will be car-free, in line with their sustainability and green principles and aspirations for the Borough. The land around the site belongs to the East Greenwich CPZ and the Westcombe Park CPZ, so residents of this development should not be able to park there.

As a result of restrictions in place at the time, we conducted out initial consultation in March-April of this year ‘at a distance’, using a range of online and offline tools including this website; online events; and a postal exhibition for those without access to the internet.

Now that restrictions have been eased, we are undertaking carefully managed in-person activities, including drop-ins, community pop-ups and site tours. We are also continuing to engage in one-to-one meetings via videoconference with local political stakeholders and community groups.

Greenwich has an agreed housing need as set out in both The London Plan 2021 and Greenwich’s Local Plan. The London Plan 2021 sets out a target of 28,240 new homes to be delivered in Greenwich by 2030, with the Peninsula identified as a site with the capacity to deliver 17,000 new homes. Our proposals will make a large contribution to this target.

Although the neighbouring area has seen some development, by creating new homes on this under-utilised and accessible site we can expand the existing residential community in the area. By delivering much-needed housing for the Royal Borough of Greenwich and connecting those living to the north and south of the site, there will be a greater sense of community locally.

The proposals will also be integrated into the wider area and benefit future residents and neighbours, for instance by delivering new amenities for the area such as convenience stores.

The proposals will also contribute to improvements in the local area, by way of CIL and S106 obligations.

B&Q’s lease is due to expire and they have indicated that the existing store is too large for their requirements.

Discussions are ongoing as to whether there is scope to include a smaller hardware store in the proposed development.

Notwithstanding this, there are two other B&Q stores a short drive from Greenwich, in Sydenham and Eltham.

We will be providing accessible ‘Blue Badge’ parking spaces for residents with disabilities, but the residential element of the development will be otherwise ‘car free’, in line with planning policy in the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Local Plan. The proposals include parking for visitors to the Ikea and Odeon.

It is the aspiration of Greenwich Council that all developments in the Borough moving forward will be car-free, in line with their sustainability and green principles and aspirations for the Borough. The land around the site belongs to the East Greenwich CPZ and the Westcombe Park CPZ, and future residents of this development will be prevented from obtaining parking permits in the s106.

The area to the north is outside current CPZs but there are on street parking controls i.e., double yellow lines or single yellows that prohibit parking 7 days a week between 9am and 6.30pm. This would therefore be a significant deterrent to car ownership.

We are working with Greenwich Council and local residents to make the proposals as environmentally friendly as possible and making the residential element of the development car-free is a key step towards this.

London Square has voluntarily commissioned an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). EIA is a systematic process that aims to prevent, reduce or offset the significant adverse environmental effects of development proposals and enhance beneficial effects. It ensures that planning decisions are made considering the likely significant environmental effects and with engagement from statutory bodies and other stakeholders including the public.

An EIA Scoping Report has been prepared and submitted to RB Greenwich. The EIA Scoping Report sets out those environmental topics where there is considered the potential for likely significant effects because of the Development. These environmental topics are therefore proposed to be scoped into the EIA and include: Socio-Economic; Air Quality; Noise; Wind Microclimate; Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing and Townscape and Visual Impact.

There will be a new public square at the heart of the proposals as well as other pockets of greenery for use by members of the public to sit, relax and enjoy.

In addition to this, there will be new private green podiums for use by residents. This will provide external amenity space for the new residents to use and enjoy.

Alongside these spaces, there is an extensive green roof and landscaping strategy for the site that will include the Green Shield and ecological features, such as bee-friendly planting, insect hotels and bird and bat boxes.

The development will serve as an ecological bridge between the suburban gardens of Westcombe Park and the green spaces within the Greenwich Millennium Village Ecological Park, creating a new green link in a chain of habitat spaces across Greenwich.

We are meeting with local ecology and wildlife groups and would welcome your ideas on how we can support the local environment and promote ecological diversity across the site.

The development will have an on-site management team that will be responsible for maintaining the green spaces in the development. This will ensure that the greenery is effectively watered, pruned and cared for.

We will be reviewing the impact on local school places as part of the assessments required for our planning application and will be reviewing measures needed with RB Greenwich.

We are at an early stage and are reviewing potential uses of the ground floor spaces. We are open to exploring the demand for a GP surgery/ health provision on-site.

As part of the planning application process, impacts on local services and infrastructure are being assessed and this will inform discussions with the Council regarding financial contributions to be made as part of the Section 106 Agreement and Community Infrastructure Levy.

These contributions may be used to mitigate the scheme’s impact and contribute towards improvements to local infrastructure and transport services, should the application be approved.

We would welcome your views on particular services you think are lacking and/or under significant pressure locally.

The development will include private and shared amenity spaces for residents, including safe and secure private gardens and balconies and amenity space at podium level.

Residents will also benefit from the vibrant new public square, which will be a focal point for the proposed neighbourhood.

The development will include dedicated play space for younger children and appropriate spaces for older children to enjoy, with the potential to incorporate ‘play on the way’ on new landscaped routes through the site.

Our approach to the commercial space will be informed by local needs and priorities. We welcome feedback from local people on what they would like to see or what they feel is currently lacking in the local area. We want to work with neighbours to identify local needs and priorities for retail and community uses, as we are aware that the current offer is limited.

Construction is anticipated to take around five years, but some phases of the scheme will be delivered during this period.

A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) will be submitted with the application. This will provide details on the construction measures proposed to minimise impact to neighbouring residents, businesses and the environment. If planning permission is granted, the Council will also request a planning condition to ensure the proposed measures are implemented.

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